The wedding ring could possibly be the most important purchase of a couples lives. Get it right and it will shine forever, get it wrong and you could lose the sparkle in her eye. Don’t trust anyone to make this important decision for you. Use this website as one source to help inform and educate you on the wonderful world of diamonds, wedding rings and getting it right.KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ENGAGEMENT RING and A WEDDING BAND?Before buying a diamond wedding ring, band or wedding set you must first understand what each ring is and what it represents.
    Engagement Rings – an engagement ring is worn by a woman on her left-hand ring finger indicating her engagement to be married. The ring is usually presented as a gift by a man to his prospective bride as she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to their future marriage. The majority of engagement rings contain a precious stone in a setting with the diamond being by far the most popular selection. The actual ring itself is made of any number of precious metals including gold, white gold, platinum, titanium and others. The engagement ring is normally far more expensive than the wedding band.

    The engagement ring used to be selected and purchased by the groom. They were then given at the proposal and usually came as a surprise to the woman. Today, most smart thinking grooms will let the potential bride actually pick the ring and surprise her with the proposal. More on marriage proposals later.

    Wedding Rings or Bands – A wedding ring or wedding band is usually worn on the base of the left ring finger – the fourth finger (counting from the thumb) of the left hand. It is given at the actual marriage ceremony and in a double ring ceremony, both partners exchange rings. The wedding band for a woman can be attached to the engagement ring, worn next to the engagement ring or even worn on the other hand. Today, it is very common for a man to wear a wedding band on his left hand. Usually the man will choose a band that compliments the brides wedding band and is made of the same metal. We’ll show you the best man wedding ring dealers.Learn more about Chesca at WEDDINGSCOT.INFO.
    Choosing a diamond engagement ring along with mens and womens wedding bands can be one the most stressful choices during your wedding process. Popular ring styles include diamond, gold, platinum, titanium and many other precious stone and metal combinations. Diamonds can be Princess Cut, Marquise, Round and others.As you begin your search you will find that there is more to learn about rings than just picking a pretty one. Learn about gold, titanium and platinum rings and why one may be better than the other. Another important consideration that is often overlooked is which mens wedding band you should choose. You want one that will compliment the brides wedding ring and make a beautiful wedding ring set.

    Along with the woman’s engagement ring, you will need to search for a wedding band for her to compliment it.
    Utimately the most expensive part of the ring, a diamond should be chosen wisely. Learn about the 4 C’s (color, carat, clarity, cut) of choosing a diamond before you make a purchase. Also learn why you will want a GIA cert to go with your ring.If you are searching for a unique diamond engagement ring be sure to consider having your ring custom made. A unique custom ring maker can take your ideas and create almost any style of ring to go with your dazzling diamond. A large segment of couples purchase their ring and diamond seperately. A unique custom wedding ring and band will last you forever.And don’t forget about discount diamonds and rings. If you can find a high quality engagement ring at a discount price, there is no shame in saving yourself some money. Many discount diamond jewelers carry the same quality diamonds as the more expensive jewelers. Compare prices, diamonds and ring sets before making your final purchase.